Copyright protection organization – association of authors of works of fine arts, architecture and visual components of audiovisual works, z. s.

Is a non-profit organization (registered association) representing artists and heirs in the collective administration of rights which they usually cannot manage themselves. In the exercise of copyright a distinction must be made between cases where an author or other copyright holder may exercise his rights himself and cases where it is not possible for him to exercise his rights and in particular his right to the proceeds individually. Individual exercise of rights under copyright law is practically impossible in the case of a right to remuneration from unrecorded audiovisual carriers and to remuneration in connection with the reproduction of works for personal use on print or monitoring the use of works in the mass media and various uses of film and television works.

Is a holder of the exclusive authorization of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic to perform collective copyright management for authors in the field of art and the field of architecture (Licence.pdf).
Collective management consists in the indirect representation of rightholders. For the authors OOA-S negotiates collective license agreements with the users of works for their use, collects remuneration for this use and is responsible for their fair distribution to the represented entities.

Under copyright law, for example, producers and importers of unrecorded audiovisual media carrier or importers and producers of photocopying equipment are required to pay to authors a certain amount from the import price. However in this case the author cannot control who when and to what extent used his works through reproductive techniques for personal use. In addition, under the  applicable law, this remuneration may be collected only by an authorized institution representing the authors in the exercise of their rights.

OOA-S has over 40 contractual relations with partner protection organizations on the basis of which it ensures the protection of works of represented authors abroad; see more.

OOA-S took over the German model and experience with the distribution of substitute royalties and adjusted everything according to Czech law. According to Act No. 121/2000 Coll. (Copyright Act) every author of a work (copyright holder, eg. heir) has the right to the protection of the rights guaranteed by this Act. These rights include, in the first instance, the authors right to grant permission for each use of the work and to receive royalties for granting such permission.

OOA-S in cooperation with the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic prepared the project „Gallery of Fine Artists and Architects“ with examples of their works on the internet. The register contains accurate and comprehensive information that the authors wish to publish.

OOA-S works among artists and architects, organizes meetings with authors throughout the Czech Republic where the essence of OOA-S is explained to them and they are acquainted with the possibilities offered by the mass administration performed by OOA-S.

Any author of works of art or his heirs can become a member of OOA-S on the basis of a representation agreement. Membership in OOA-S is free. Those interested in membership can download the forms of the Contract for representation, apply at the office address, or contact the UVU –  contact points throughout the Czech Republic where there are also contracts and detailed information.


Composition of the OOA-S Committee and Supervisory board


Olga Jedličková – costume designer
Marie Jílková – heires of author´s rights
Ivana Kačírková – film cutter (vice chair)
Jiří Mojžíš – architect
Václav Ostádal – photographer
Pavel Alexander Taťoun – painter                   
Jiří Větroň –  creator of animated audiovisual works               
Josef Vrana – architect (chair)
Ing. Zdeněk Vyoral - computer games designer            
Doc. Mgr. Antonín Weiser – director of photography


Supervisory board

Marek Jícha  for category I                     
Vladimír Groh for category II (chair)    
Stanislav Klecandr for category III